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Introducing a new Gastro Bar & Grill with a passion to keep food fun and
innovative and an atmosphere that is warm, friendly and inviting.

Local Paignton Gastro Bar Grill

Paignton’s first Gastro Bar & Grill

The idea for The Local began in 2016 by a team of local chefs wanting to provide creative, fresh, and ever-changing food. With 30 years of experience of cooking all over the world, Andy founded The Local in 2018 and began works to develop Paignton’s first Gastro Bar & Grill – open to the public in March 2018.

Tuesday to Saturday: 6pm-10pm
Sunday: 12noon-5pm

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The Local is a very well known and popular establishment. We are busy most days and advise you to call us before arriving, so we can guarantee your seat.

Gastro Kings

As Paignton's first Gastro Bar & Grill we strive for perfection in everything we do. From the food to the atmosphere, The Local is a unique experience. Try Our Famous Burger Below!

The Local
The Local

Cheese, bacon, spicy chutney & salad.

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