Our Story

The Local - Gastro Bar and Grill

Paignton's First Gastro Bar and Grill

Built from the ground up, The Local is powered by an insatiable quest for better, fresher and more creative cuisines including our ever changing artisan burgers, fish dishes, and daily new creations inspired by our wonderful local and seasonal ingredients. Founded in 2018, The Local team began to combine their knowledge, ideas and experience of different world cuisines to create new and exciting dishes to experiment with. It wasn’t long before we realised that our enthusiasm and ideas challenge the boundaries of modern methods and so, The Local was born. With our menu philosophy and mission statement set, we have taken our ideas and also launched ourselves head first into outside events, off site catering for local companies, and anywhere else that will have us!

Our mission statement….

“To innovate cuisine and inspire, hence bringing happiness to the local people via the medium of food”.

What The Local has to offer

From the Farm

The South West is choc full of amazing farms providing all the fresh meat, fish and veg we could need, and with this in mind we aim to try as much as possible whilst continuing to support the local business!

We have chosen the farm for our meat due to their focus on excellent animal husbandry and welfare, using natural feed and never rushing animal growth. We select animals which are destined to provide us with great meat, whether its for the mince in our artisan burgers or for any other cuts for our seasonal changing menus, meaning you get great succulence and flavour every time.

To the Butchers Block

LG Paulk is a family run butchers in Paignton,supplying some of the best chefs in the Bay with some of Counties Best Meats. Quality, links everything they do with business like us! Each cut of meat is hung to reach its optimum level of maturity.

Like wise local suppliers such as West Country Fruits and Kingfisher of Brixham all supply us with the same level of quality, resulting in some truly epic results that go straight to our tables.

Not just another burger…

We believe that a perfect burger is not only about the mouthwatering taste, but also the quality and providence of ingredients. All the meat, eggs and accompaniments are sourced from well managed local farms where the animals are given enough space to roam, fed a balanced diet and treated well.

Our buns are hand crafted by Hallets of Paignton to a personalised receipt created by ourselves and their master baker.

Our salad is delivered daily by West Country fruits, and freshly prepared by one of our chefs, ensuring the best, and freshest accompaniments to your burger.
At The Local we take all our creations seriously including our burgers but not forgetting our marinated cured kebabs, homemade BBQ pulled pork, pastrami and so much more.

By the way ….. we are a DIY kitchen.

Believe it or not we make 95% of everything that we serve. We have a strong belief that when you put time, effort and love in to the food, then the results are always going to be the best. We spend days Brining, fermenting, braising, smoking, pressing and marinating to create both perfect specials and to maintain our menus. As my first Head chef used to say “Consistency equals Quality” (thank you Mel Rumbles, that has always stuck with me)

We also cook every meal fresh to order so that you get it at its best, this does however mean at busy periods there may be a wait, but we promise our team will be as quick as they can, and it will be worth it!

Want to learn a trick or two from members of our team, then don’t forget to check out our web page for tips and tricks.

Green theos

Here at The Local our team believe that great food does not need to cost the earth and want to do there bit in order to help the environment. Here is what we are doing so far, and ideas you may be able to do at home in order to help our environmental campaign;

  • Buying local produce means fewer long distance Lorry’s on the road, therefore cutting fuel emissions.
  • Recycling all our card bored, glass and tins.
  • LED Lighting, using less electricity and cutting the carbon footprint.
  • Bio degradable packaging including our straws. We also will only give straws/ plastic bags out if asked, in order to help usage remain low and we no longer stock sachet sauces.
  • New Energy efficient appliances have replaced the old machines so they could be recycled.
  • Reducing waste, this is where you can help! If you would prefer a smaller portion or, for example wont eat salad, let us know and we will accommodate as best as we can. This will reduce food wastage and and rubbish, meaning less waste goes to landfill and less lorries on the road!


Finding it hard to pick a place that all will enjoy? Now you have!

Whether you are struggling with allergies such as gluten, dairy or maybe you’re a Vegetarian/Vegan, or just on a local healthy eating diet, please be assured we can can cater for you.

We operate a fresh cook policy, and have strived to insure that most of our recipes, and indeed menu choices, can be adapted…. a little obsessive, maybe, but we have found that not being able to go out for food with friends because of poor or little choices should definitely be a thing of the past!