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  • The Peppered Cow

    Garlic mushrooms, peppercorn sauce, onion rings & tomato gratin.

  • The Firefly

    Spicy beef brisket, hot sauce, jalapeños, spicy monterey jack cheese & salad.

  • The C-Rex

    Chicken, bacon, avocado, sun blush tomatoes, kimchi cabbage & salad.

  • The Reuben

    BBQ beef brisket, bacon & onion crumb, onion ring & salad with a side of cheese sauce.

  • The Clucky

    The Clucky

    Battered or grilled chicken breast, mayo & salad.

  • The Legendary

    The Legendary

    Doner meat, onion rings & salad.

  • The Local

    The Local

    Cheese, bacon, spicy chutney & salad.

  • The Ranch

    The Ranch

    Caramelised onions, streaky bacon, brie, gherkins, beetroot,sun dried tomatoes & salad.

  • The Beauty & The Belly

    The Beauty & The Belly

    BBQ pulled pork, smoked ham, cheese & salad.


Super Sides

Filthy Fries £6

Chips layered with our chefs own chilli-con-carni and cheese

Dirty Fries £6.25

Chips layered with our chefs own BBQ pulled pork and cheese

Hippie Chips £3.50

Midi potatoes tossed in rosemary and sea salt

Trailer Park Fries £4

Bacon bits, cheese sauce and crispy onions